Prep yourself for the Vault of Glass in Destiny


If you've been chugging along in Destiny thus far on your own but need a little help when it comes to tackling the Vault of Glass, Prima Games has come to the rescue with these tips and tricks to making the Vault look like child's play. Ready? If you're not now, you certainly will be!

Must Be Level 26 or Higher

Before you even begin, you'll want to grind to at least Level 26, but it is recommended that you are Level 28 or higher for optimal success. The reason for this comes down to some of the enemies at the end of the raid who are Level 28. You see, when you engage an enemy who is a higher level than you, the damage you deal that adversary is reduced significantly. Although it is possible to complete the raid at Level 26, it wouldn't hurt to have at least one or two Level 28 try-hards in your Fireteam.

Purchase Ammo Synthesis

Most players who are a high enough rank to take a crack at the Vault of Glass will likely be fairly familiar with Ammo Synthesis and the Gunsmith, but in case you're not, allow us to elaborate. The Gunsmith can be found in the Tower, and aside from weapons, he will sell Guardians Ammo Synthesis to replenish their weapons during battle. Most of the time this isn't necessary since ammunition is readily available from the foes that are slain, but in the Vault of Glass, Guardians can't frolick around the war zone looking for bullets every five minutes. That's just asking for trouble. Players should stock up on all three ammunition types before they start the raid.

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