Nurses Say They Are Unprepared to Deal With Ebola


In a survey of more than 3,000 nurses across the country, more than 70 percent say they are unprepared to deal with the Ebola crisis. The survey was conducted by after a nurse contracted the disease in Texas from contact with an infected patient.

Ebola is quickly becoming one of the more important stories in the world news. For nurses, the most frightening aspect may be the lack of preparation. More than 70 percent of staff members said they still hadn't spoken about the issue with their nurses.

However, most nurses do feel like there are solutions to these problems. Only about 7 percent didn't know what would be helpful with the threat or reality of Ebola. Almost a third thought "better communication about preparedness at [their] facility" could help them. Even more helpful, according to the survey, would be "Live (in-person) training sessions or practice drills," which over 40 percent thought would aid the most.

Even though these resources aren't being provided now, most nurses surveyed still believe there are ways to be better informed, and to better help their patients.

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