Best of: Employment Law With Donna Ballman

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Did you know we have an attorney who answers questions pertaining to employment law every Tuesday? If you're not reading Donna Ballman's counsel, you should start now--she offers truly practical advice on topics that affect every worker sooner or later. From noncompetes to workplace discrimination to whether your boss can make you drive two hours to get your paycheck, it's important to know how you're protected.

Check out ten of Donna's posts below--you'll be glad you did.

1. Help! I've Been Harassed At Work Since I Announced My Pregnancy
2. If The Customer Calls Me Am I Violating My Noncompete?
3. Can My Employer Make Me Drive Two Hours To Pick Up My Pay?
4. Can My Employer Force Me To Take My Lunch Break?
5. How Do I Get A Copy Of My Noncompete Without Alarming HR?
6. Can My Employer Track My Location On My Personal Device?
7. Can I Be Denied A Promotion Because My Spouse Works With Me?
8. Is Being Denied A Benefit Others Receive Enough To Prove Discrimination?
9. Can I Be Fired For Something My Spouse Did?
10. Do I Have Workplace Rights If I Work In An Indian Casino?

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