'Million Dollar Listing' Star Buys a Penthouse as a Surprise

penthouse 1
Courtesy of The RepresentativesRyan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis' apartment is very similar to this one, where he's acting as the seller's agent.
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Getty ImagesEmilia Bechrakis, left and Ryan Serhant
What's with "Million Dollar Listing New York's" Ryan Serhant and surprises? Not only did the New York real estate shark/Bravo reality star surprise girlfriend Emilia Bechrakis by shutting down Times Square to propose in September, but romantic Ryan also shocked his now-fiancee by secretly buying Bechrakis her dream apartment -- a $3.7 million, Soho penthouse at 22 Renwick St.

"She had a slight meltdown," Serhant told AOL Real Estate. "She loved it. And now she's driving me crazy with the finishes. She wants to buy all new furniture. I opened a can of Greek worms." (Emilia is of Greek heritage.)

Serhant, obviously, loves surprises; Emilia, not so much.

"She says she doesn't," Serhant says. "When I proposed, she was sobbing tears. I almost had to carry her."

Perhaps over the threshold of their ninth-floor penthouse in a 12-floor building: In Manhattan, you don't have to live on the top floor to call an apartment a "penthouse."

The couple's new, three-bed, three-bath digs is almost 2,000 square feet and features:
  • Two large terraces with "incredible" views.
  • 10-foot ceilings.
  • Carrara marble everywhere.
The couple is doing a little renovating -- expanding closets and kitchen -- before they move in at the end of December.

Penthouse 1
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'Million Dollar Listing' Star Buys a Penthouse as a Surprise

And, as an early housewarming gift, the building's developer has given Serhant the listing on penthouse 1, sales price $6.35 million.

[CORRECTION, 10/14/14:An earlier version of this article misspelled the first name of Emilia Bechrakis.]
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