What updates could DayZ fans see in Update 0.50?

If you're enjoying your time in the world of DayZ, you might be excited to hear about the rumored features to be seen in Update 0.50, including a Repeater Rifle and AKS-74U. Prima Games has put together a list of what you might see when the update goes live, thanks to what players have seen on experimental servers.

DayZ - Rumored Features for Update 0.50 - Repeater Rifle, AKS-74U

Take a look at some of the features players have spotted so far.

[Animation] Rain drops shows up on objects
[Gear] Skate Helmet
[Gear] Welding Mask
[Gear] Firefighters Helmet
[Gear] Range Finder
[Gear] Small Fish Trap
[Weapon] MP-133 Shotgun
[Weapon] Repeater Lever Action Rifle
[Weapon] Sledgehammer
[Loot] Increased spawning rate
[Server] Temperature settings changed from December to September
[Mechanic] Melee is more responsive
[Mechanic] Controls are fixed, except for running and tabbing
[UI] Improved HUD - Dragging items shows they space they require
[Animation] Running animation tweaked
[Animation] Breaking Chemlight
[Mechanic] Stitch yourself with a Sewing kit
[Mechanic] Removed ability to light fires indoors
[Animation] Breaking Road Flare

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