Man Comes Up With 'Creative' Way To Get Fired

Underwear with border line

That pivotal question: Boxers or Briefs? hasbeen answered. At least in the case of one Milwaukee employee who found a "creative way to get fired."

According to the police report in a local Franklin, Wisconsin publication, a 42-year-old man employed at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company arrived for work at 10:00 a.m. on September 24 and subsequently stripped down to just his boxers and a tie.

Not surprisingly, the company terminated the man's employment as a customer relations mentor and called police to have him removed from the property. Joe Boxer left without incident and apparently, without pants. Northwestern Mutual staff called him a cab because "it was thought he may have been drinking," police said.

Popular Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist, Jim Stingl, quips: "So it sounds like he tied one on and donned a tie at the same time. I would note that this happened at ten in the morning. The guy came back later for his car and probably his pants."

"We don't comment on personnel issues, and the individual is no longer with our company," said spokeswoman Betsy Hoylman.

Importantly, the former employee made the right choice in the Boxers or Briefs debate. Hipster fashionista site Refinery29 reports that a "whopping 89 percent of women prefer boxers over briefs."

Unless they work in Human Resources?

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