Super Smash Bros. 3DS' Little Mac is a formidable foe!

Little Mac is nothing to sneeze at, and it seems like video game journalists are having a bit of a hard time going up against him in Super Smash Bros. 3DS! Prima Games' Bryan Dawson has some hard-hitting words about what makes him such a difficult opponent and why the gaming media might want to re-evaluate their sentiments on the "little" fighter that could in the future!

Super Smash Bros. 3DS - Little Mac KOs Game Journalists

The gaming media do a great job providing early information on upcoming games, and offering their viewpoints on the final product before people spend their hard-earned money. While the press has a few other benefits for the end consumer, once a game releases, there isn't much for them to do. It's a widely known fact that most game developers aren't very good at their own games, and the same holds true for the media. While most gaming journalists have extensive knowledge of the video game industry, very few would actually be classified as high-level, competitive players.

There's nothing wrong with journalists failing to break the top eight at gaming tournaments. Most don't have the time to put into a game to reach that level. However, most gaming journalists also fall into the realm of casual players who may be able to make it through a game, but wouldn't stand a chance against anyone even remotely skilled. As a seasoned fighting game tournament player and a member of the gaming media, there have been many occasions in which I faced off against other members of the press. When Virtua Fighter 5 was about to hit the PlayStation 3, Sega held a media tournament at its San Francisco office. At the time I had no experience playing VF at all. Most of my 3D fighting game experience was in Tekken and Soul Calibur.

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