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Why simply read about finding a job when you could actually apply to one? It's AOL Jobs Week, and each day we'll be focusing on some of the most popular career categories here at AOL Jobs. We'll have job listings a-plenty, so settle in and get your resume ready. And be sure to check out the rest of our Jobs Week content: from resume-writing and networking to day jobs and time management to getting a new restaurant off the ground, we'll be covering the gamut.

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1. Fast Food Worker
Median pay: $7.16 - $8.93/hr
Top cities for hiring: Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Columbus, OH

Fast food workers have gotten attention this year, as employees of McDonald's, Burger King, and the like picket for higher wages. Nevertheless, this is an industry that employs approximately 4.1 million. And in cities like Seattle, local government is getting behind efforts to raise the minimum wage--something President Obama has vocally supported.

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2. Software Engineer
Median salary: $85,000
Top cities for hiring: Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA

Software engineering jobs are perpetually hot in today's app-obsessed world, and the biggest companies hiring them--Google, Facebook, Twitter--are known for incredible offices with elaborate perks, including some of the coolest cafeterias known to man. It's a good time to be a software engineer--and while a bachelor's degree in computer science helps, anyone can learn coding languages like HTML and Javascript.

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3. Electrician
Median salary: $49,840
Top cities for hiring: Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; Charlotte, NC

You want to talk about a job that keeps the lights on? Electricians are one of those trades, like plumbing and HVAC, that's rarely romanticized (quick: name one movie about an electrician) but truly, truly necessary. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hiring is expected to grow by 20 percent by 2022--much faster than most occupations.

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4. Paralegal
Median salary: $46,990
Top cities for hiring: Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Washington, D.C.

Like administrative assistants, paralegals perform clerical and organizational tasks to support a law office. Conducting legal research and drafting official documents, it's a great first step into the legal world. There are also various different kinds of paralegals, including bankruptcy paralegals and litigation paralegals.

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