Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker features the stylish Toadette!

Everyone may be clamoring for more Super Smash Bros. right now, but Nintendo has a whole stable of awesome games, like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, that definitely shouldn't be overlooked, especially now that little miss Toadette has joined the cast! Prima Games brings us the details and the latest trailer that features Toadette and shows off all of her moves.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Meet Toadette

Super Smash Bros. receives most of the headlines, but there's a lesser-known Wii U game we are equally excited for, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Available December 5 for $39.99 (a bargain considering the average price of new video games), this title challenges players to complete over 70 puzzles inspired by the Captain Toad stages in Super Mario 3D World, as they rotate boards to avoid enemies and find the best routes to collectible Power Stars.

Unlike the more traditional Super Mario games, though, Captain Toad cannot jump (his backpack is too heavy) or throw fire balls. Instead, you must rely on his ability to pluck and throw turnips (similar to Super Mario Bros. 2), dig with the Super Pickaxe and create clones to outwit Shy Guys, Flaptor birds and Piranha Sprouts.

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