Try out these DriveClub Beginner's Tips before getting behind the wheel!

Sony's DriveClub has finally released for PlayStation 4, and racing fans everywhere are scrambling to cut down their times and rack up some impressive track times. Prima Games knows it's important to perform well, especially when friends are involved. Check out their DriveClub Beginner's Tips before you decide to get behind the wheel!

DriveClub Beginner's Tips: Behind the Wheel

The first thing you'll want to do when beginning a race is get a feel for the controls. Evolution Studios, who previously worked on the MotorStorm titles, did a good job nailing down how each vehicle is supposed to handle. Still, when it comes to reaching a high speed, you may need to take care around turns, as the game doesn't have Forza Horizon 2's sophisticated driving assists.

This should go without saying, but avoid colliding into objects on the side of the road, such as rails or signs, as they can penalize how many credits you earn in the race. Try and master the turn with an ample amount of braking, but don't slam on the brakes completely unless your current piece of road calls for it. Opponents won't hesitate to get past you.

In addition, don't be afraid to drive defensively. Colliding with other cars won't damage your ride too much, and the penalty is largely irrelevant. This is good to keep in mind when trying to maintain the lead, as you can effectively block adversaries and still keep an advantage. Just don't let them try to run into you from the side, as you can spin out and lose the lead.

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