JetBlue Passenger Grounded For Tweets

Woman Says She Was Kicked Off Flight for Tweeting
A New Hampshire mother of three says she was removed from a JetBlue flight from Philadelphia to Boston after tweeting about a pilot's sobriety testing.

Lisa Carter-Knight, of Exeter, was waiting to board a plane in Philadelphia on Tuesday. JetBlue says it was delayed when the pilot believed another passenger accused him of being intoxicated. JetBlue said as a precaution, a sobriety test was conducted; the pilot was cleared.

Carter-Knight made posts to Twitter about the pilot accusing passengers of questioning his sobriety and took photos from the terminal. The flight eventually left four hours behind schedule, but Carter-Knight was denied boarding.

WMUR-TV reports JetBlue said if it feels a customer isn't complying with safety instructions, exhibits objectionable behavior or causes conflict, the customer will be asked to leave. Carter-Knight got a refund.

Carter-Knight, who says she is a marketing guru, told WMUR-TV she was visiting Philadelphia to take care of her sick mother. The single mom of three flew a different airline home.

Carter-Knight told Fox News what she tweeted was typical of what you might write to your friends.

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