A 'Wolf of Wall Street' Offers Town House for $43.5 Million

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ZillowAlan Wilzig's townhouse in New York City's Tribeca neighborhood reflects his interest in semi-professional racing.
alan wilzig in his garage
ZillowAlan Wilzig in his FSBO listing on Zillow.
A leader of the pack of Wall Street wolves is selling his den. Alan Wilzig, who inspired one of the minor characters in Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street," has listed his Tribeca town house for $43.5 million. Wilzig, now an entrepreneur and semi-professional race car driver, is depicted as the character in the film who introduces Leonardo DiCaprio's character to his future wife.

In real estate, Wilgiz is a lone wolf: He's selling his two-story mini-mansion without a broker, hawking the property through a Zillow listing and on his Facebook page. But apparently selling a high-end property himself isn't as hassle-free as Wilzig may have thought. After thanking folks for their "massive reaction" to his town house offering, Wilzig posted this on his Facebook page:

"PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME THROUGH FB CHAT/DM. I hate it as much as I love every OTHER element of Facebook. My email is alan@alanmoto.com. Please use that. EXCLUSIVELY. Thanks. No phone texts either please, unless you're 10 minutes late for a showing/viewing."

Welcome to the life of every real estate agent, who suffers through showings with late or no-show buyers.

Not that Wilzig has anything against brokers -- he's willing to pay some commissions; he just doesn't want to sign "an exclusive with any one broker or firm. (especially since a dozen of my good friends are all NYC brokers)," he says, again on his Facebook page.

Now, on to the property on 3 Hubert Street in Manhattan. It features:
  • 7,500 square feet on two levels -– one above grade and one below grade.
  • six bedrooms; 5.5 baths.
  • whole-house automation.
  • 2,500 square-foot private roof deck.
  • 1,000 square-foot backyard patio with dining for 10.
  • eight-person hot-tub-spa.
  • sauna.
  • tanning bed.
A 'Wolf of Wall Street' FSBO Townhouse
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A 'Wolf of Wall Street' Offers Town House for $43.5 Million
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