Innovator Becomes the First Person to Bike Across the Hudson River

Judah Schiller
By Emily Everson, Patch

Tired of cramming into the Path every morning? Looking for a great way to escape that pesky downtown traffic? One innovater has found an answer. Judah Schiller, the 41-year-old behind the BayCycle Project, has become the first person to cross the Hudson River on a bike.

It took Schiller just 15 minutes to pedal his way from Pier 13 in Hoboken to Pier 66 in Chelsea, WCBS 880 reported on Thursday. Check out the video below to see one of Schiller's famous water crossings.

The BayCycle sits on a frame of 11-foot inflatable pontoons and is attached to a propeller. The California marketing executive invented the water bike to commute to work across the San Francisco Bay after he discovered that the Bay Bridge bike path would only take him half way to work. According to, Schiller used his own design experience to create the BayCycle from a bike kit he ordered from an Italian manufacture.

"As you pedal, you're turning a propeller; when you turn your handlebars, you're turning the craft," Schiller explained to CBS Local. "This is the opening of an aquatic frontier in biking. Two-thirds of our planet is covered in water, we love our bikes here in New York City and around the country, so why not put the two together and get people biking out on the water ?"

The BayCycle is marketed to earth-conscious consumers who live near water. However, easy and creative commuting does come at a cost. The BayCycle retails for $6,495 - triple the price of other hydro-bikes currently on the market.

"[The BayCycle is] a lot more practical and enjoyable than spending an hour stuck in rush hour gridlock in a tunnel or on a bridge," Schiller told

The BayCycle is designed to be easy to carry and assemble - set up takes about 15 minutes and users can break down the bike in less than 10, and store it in a bag or a trunk, reported. "It's a design decision," Schiller told CNBC. "It's tough to have a kayak in a Soho apartment."

"This is a great alternative to being on the road," Schiller told CBS Local after his trek across the Hudson River. "There are no buses, there are no cars, there are no crazy taxi drivers."

What do you think of the BayCycle? Would you consider using this new form of commuting to NYC? Tell us in the comments.

Photo courtesy of Judah Schiller's Twitter page. This story original appeared in Hoboken Patch.

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