Conquer Alien: Isolation with this complete walkthrough and guide


If you've been navigating the terrifying horror title that is Alien: Isolation today, you're probably a bundle of nerves. But don't let the game get to you! You can pull through, especially when armed with this complete walkthrough and game guide care of Prima Games. That xenomorph is toast, with acid-flavored jelly. Just, you know, try not to die. And for you new players, beware! Spoiler alert!

Alien: Isolation Complete Walkthrough and Game Guide

Mission 1 - Closing the Book - Taylor, Samuels, Verlaine

Complete your objective to Explore the Torrens by speaking to Samuels and Taylor, then making your way to the bridge for a briefing with Verlaine.

Mission 2 - Welcome to Sevastopol - Door Code, Get Through the Main Door

We provide players with the door code, and show them how to find a way to distract the looters so Amanda and Axel can escape.

Mission 3 - Encounters - Disable Security Lockdown, Evade the Alien

Aside from showing players how to sneak past the Alien, we'll help them find a Data Cell and hack the elevator to Seegson Communications.

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