Brush up on how to play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!

With the release of Pokemon Trading Card Game Online for iPad, now's a better time than ever to get acquainted with the basics of the game! Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran who needs to brush up on the basic game flow, Modojo has come to the rescue with these easy-to-follow tips. You'll be picking off other trainers in no time!

Step One: Each player must have a full, legal deck of 60 cards which consists of no more than four of any type of card. First, each player shuffles their cards and randomly draws seven cards. These seven cards in each player's "hand." Both players must then check their hand to make sure they have at least one basic Pokémon, if not, they have to reshuffle their hand with their deck and draw seven new cards. The downside of this reshuffle is that the opponent gets to draw an additional card. The reshuffling process lasts until both players have at least one basic Pokémon for the battle.

Step Two: When both players have at least one basic Pokemon card in their hands, they deploy one to their playing field, face-down in the active spot. This is their first "active" or battling Pokémon. If the player has more basic Pokémon in their hand, they can place up to five face-down on your "bench." The bench acts as their reserve and stand ready to be sent out if their active Pokemon is defeated.

Step Three: Players then randomly draw six cards from their remaining deck and put them to the side, face-down, as prize cards. These cards are prizes which the players be able to retrieve later on when they knock out their opponent's Pokémon.

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