How This Week's 'Blood Moon' Is About To Shake Up Your Career


Is the fault in our stars? Nope, this time around, it's the moon.

The full lunar eclipse on October 8 -- aka "Blood Moon" -- is about to blaze scarlet across the skies. This second - and final - total lunar eclipse of 2014 will occur early Wednesday morning, just before sunrise in the Eastern Time Zone and in the middle of the night on the West Coast. This blood moon will be even more of a stunner, appearing 5.3 percent larger than the previous one last April 15.

Will you set an alarm? Sleep right through it? Or will you, like many astrological experts, view this Blood Moon as a spectacular wake-up call for transformation?

According to astrologists, the moon will splash more than psychedelic color onto our planet -- it will also unleash powerful change. Lunar eclipses are considered disruptive, sometimes dramatically so, accelerating change In the six months to a year following the event. Where this jolt occurs in your life depends on the sign of the eclipse, and where it falls in your own birth chart.

AOL Jobs spoke with noted astrologer and digital pioneer, Eugenie Diserio (Genie Easy), the founder of the hugely popular Astronet:

"This particular Blood Moon falls in the fiery sign of Aries at 15 degrees. Is it any coincidence that the sign of The Ram rules the color red?" explains noted astrologer Genie Easy, digital pioneer and founder of the hugely popular Astronet. "Those born in the sign of Aries and its opposing sign, Libra, and those of you with significant planets in those signs, will get a direct relationship hit. Bosses, colleagues, virtually everyone in your work environment, may feel the impact of this lunar energy. "

How Will The Blood Moon Affect Your Sign?

Aries, ready to quit your job?
Set me free, why doncha, babe? The Blood Moon fires up your need for independence from constraints imposed by the authority figures and power structures in your world. Is it time to exit the office for good and go freelance? You need to find a balance between the freedom you crave and the business rules in place. Your transformative tools: To decide if you want to go indie, earn about the growing Gigster Nation. Explore business sites/apps that specialize in the growing freelance industry: Freelance Union, FreshBooks, Contently, Scripted, Gigwalk, and TaskRabbit.

Taurus, tread gently with your co-workers
This lunar eclipse is time to empty the rice bowl and start fresh. Stubborn Taurus tends to hang on to the past, especially all those upsets, things left unsaid, or perhaps things that shouldn't have been said in the office. Balance is your new mission; clearing up and cleaning up will help this happen. Relationships with co-workers call for gentle handling.

Gemini, who needs to go for you to glow?
Pretend you were reading the Tarot and you just pulled the Star card. Hope, inspiration, dreams, and creativity are speeding toward you. The future is looking positively positive. Then zap! The next card that comes up is that frustrating control freak and change-blocker, the Four of Pentacles. What does this Tarot tango mean for you? Consider facing down that pesky financial partnership of yours. The one that's standing in your light.

Cancer, is it time to shed that shell?
Oh how Moonchildren love to skittle away and bury themselves deep in the sand. Or under the covers. Or in the back of the cube farm. Until they don't. The Blood Moon is one of those rare triggers, one that propels you and your career -- especially your digital presence and public identity -- into the spotlight. Your professional profile -- your "Only" is now brilliantly on display. Here comes the change you've been craving. And the reason you set the alarm for 4 a.m. to get up and gaze at your own personal planet.

Leo, up level your Linkedin?
Leo brings intensity to every role, from personal to professional. Now Leo applies that passion to wanting more knowledge, mastery and raw truth. How does this affect your inner circle, especially in your professional network? Start with an online upgrade and then take it offline. O Lion, you're at you're most powerful face to face. But stay away from lawyers and human resources issues if you're the boss.

Virgo, money is (as always) on your mind
Virgos, are you in a partnership of any kind? Personal and/or professional? Are you feeling appreciated for your financial genius and solid ethics? Joint finances may be targeted now -- and targeted is exactly the right word. Be cautious about family and home and tangling them up in your work life. You might want to call on a therapist for some guidance and inspiration. (Massage therapist is fine, too) You will get through this with your usual flying colors. Remember, sapphire and ruby team up for a gloriously deep purple.

Libra, keep your cool
Okay, Libra. About that partner of yours... Has it turned toxic? Can it be healed? This is when you must tap into that famous diplomatic cool of yours. C'mon, you'll find the right thing to say. But take the discussion out of the office. No need to disrupt your co-workers' world, too. You're so close to tipping the scales of justice back where they belong.

Scorpio, are you so over your job?
You haven't been taking care of yourself, have you? Those old bloopers (okay, outright job mistakes) keep coming back to haunt you. The past is the past, Scorpio! This cycle is almost over, thank the moon for emerging from its shadows and freeing you to go for it.

Sagittarius, launch that creative energy now
It's a wrap, Sag. You're all done with some key cycles tied to home, romance, and even work, especially group, projects. You've finished with setting goals, planning for the next year, and building allies within the office. So what now? Full speed ahead! You've earned this unprecedented creative freedom. Let what's ready to bubble up and burst into the world.

Capricorn, find your inner mellow
Professional versus personal. Public versus private. The Blood Moon this week brings these challenges to the forefront. putting the focus urgently on achieving balance. The overwhelm ramps up when your business brilliance demands action. Will your co-workers ever get un-stuck? Remember, there's no crying in business. Or throwing smartphones either. Deep breath.

Aquarius, are you feeling a tad volcano?
Your bags are unpacked, your cap and gown's in the mothballs, and MENSA application accepted. You're almost finished with your Aquarian To-Do List. But ... one more thing. One more person or professional volcano might be on the cusp of eruption. Or you might need one more case of Red Bull. Ahmmmm. You're on the finish line.

Pisces, it's my money, thank you!
Are you getting paid what you're worth? How much are you worth anyway? This week's eclipse marks the end of a cycle fixed on how these hot topics are linked to the financial side of your career, whether joint assets or partnerships. Ready to go indie? Be the keeper of Quickbooks?

And another thing ....

Genie Easy: "With Mercury also Retrograde in Scorpio, there will be major flashes of insight and awareness of old patterns, habits and behaviors that are not serving one's higher purpose. Burn out that residue! This full moon and lunar eclipse will see even the most timid of souls breaking out and through to more lively and exciting dimensions....(take this job and shove it!)"

Prepare. There's a solar eclipse coming on October 23.

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