How to tackle the Crown of the Ivory King in Dark Souls 2!

The end of Dark Souls 2 has finally arrived, and if you're needing some help with the latest round of DLC, look no further than these tips on how to take down the the Crown of the Ivory King. It's going to be a doozy (and watch out for spoilers!) but USgamer has a guide that should get you on track to victory!

Basic Strategies for Crown of the Ivory King

  • If you're looking for how to access this content, it can be found just beyond the Ruined Fork Road in the Shaded Woods, in the Shrine of Winter. Just examine the statue within to warp to Frozen Eleum Loyce (after finding all of the Primal Bonfires). You won't be able to access the castle interior without purchasing the DLC, but, as with the last two installments, you can place your summon sign down within the circle of statues (which you should see immediately) to try out the special ultra-hard co-op area. But Crown of the Ivory King comes highly recommended.

  • Just as with Crown of the Sunken King and Crown of the Old Iron King, you can access this content much earlier than you actually should. In fact, you might want to save it for last. My character was between level 135-140, and I still found it pretty challenging. Your mileage may vary, of course.

  • Thankfully, you won't have to worry about any status effects in Eleum Loyce-Dark Souls 2 isn't evil enough to add a new, ice-based elemental effect for the sake of one DLC. You'll be running up against lots of enemies between bonfires, though, so be sure to carry a backup weapon, or some Repair Powder. And a bow or some kind of ranged attack will work wonders for drawing powerful enemies out, one at a time. The foes in Ivory King hit hard and take a lot of damage, so you'll want to avoid fighting them in groups if you can help it.

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