The Week That Was (9/29 - 10/3)

Workers in line
GettyJobs Week is coming.

Missed some of our great content this week? We've got you covered here, with our top posts from the past week. But we'd also like to use this space to make an important announcement: this coming Monday marks the beginning of Jobs Week, when we're pulling together a ton of great stuff, all speaking to a single theme: Five Days to a New Job.

So what's in the pipeline? How about interviews with some of today's top young writers and artists about their best (and worst) day job experiences? How about some features on Kickstarter's greatest success stories? How about an interview with a private eye, because who doesn't like private eyes?

You'll have to wait for Monday to see what's coming. But for now, be sure to check out some of these great posts the past week.

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