Snag a sweet new ride in Forza Horizon 2

While you start out with a veritable menagerie of vehicles in Forza Horizon 2, you're inevitably going to find yourself wanting more. And that's totally understandable. There are over 200 cars to choose from in-game, so a thirst for newer and faster rides will eventually rear its hugly head. How can you beef up your car collection effectively? Prima Games has the scoop on how you can do this in a hurry!

You Better Shop Around

Obviously, the main option when it comes to purchasing vehicles is to visit the store. You can access this at any time from the game's sub-menu to peruse the available selection.

However, there are two things to keep in mind. First, the more powerful performers in the game, such as select Ferrari models, cost a pretty penny when it comes to credits. We're talking at least 150,000, which can add up quickly if you're just getting started. The best way to achieve this goal is to continue taking on challenges, including ones from rivals and Drivatars, as well as side events. The more you tackle, the closer you get to earning that ride.

The second thing to keep in mind is that, when you're entering new tournament tiers, you'll need to buy a basic model if you want to get started. For example, when you tackle the Rally tournament for the first time (out of a selection of three), you'll need a compatible rally car to take part. You can select from different models, but it never hurts to have a couple on hand, especially if you want one with peak performance. Take a look and don't make a blind choice. After all, this will be a difference maker when competing at a top level.

Be sure to visit the shop as often as you can, as the vehicle selection can change and offer some exciting new rides. Don't forget to check any DLC available with purchasing the game, including the Forza Horizon 2 Day One pack.

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