Find all of the Raid Loot Chest locations in Destiny

Been playing through Destiny and still need a little help finding all of the Raid Loot Chests? IGN has come to the rescue with this quick and helpful video guide on how to hit all of them up for special armor, weapons, and more.

Loot Chest #1

This is really easy to find. It can be picked up just after the first area. After you activate the three sync plates in the beginning area, you'll enter the Vault of Glass. On your way to the first boss, it's sitting right in your way.

Loot Chest #2

Now, this only seems to be a placeholder, but we'll show you where it is anyway. It should only contain Spirit Bloom, but we wanted to make sure to let you know where it could be found. Anyway, after you defeat the Templar, a cave should appear in the wall right about here. Check it out and let us know in the comments below if you were able to find it.

Find the rest of the Loot Chests in IGN's video below!

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