Reese Witherspoon's Home Becomes a Design Inspiration

By Erika Riggs

Where do you find ideas for your home? For one couple, inspiration came from A-lister Reese Witherspoon's living room in her former home in Ojai, California.

Celeb interior designer Kathryn Ireland decorated the actress' ranch, which was featured in magazine spreads in "House Beautiful" and "Elle Decor." Orlando Soria, an interior designer and West Coast creative director for Homepolish, wanted to give the clients the same feeling of Witherspoon's Spanish Revival-style home, but in a way that would work for their two small children.

"I wanted the space to feel sophisticated and grand while being approachable and cozy," Soria explained.

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Reese Witherspoon's Home Becomes a Design Inspiration

Witherspoon’s former home in Ojai, California, was designed by Kathryn Ireland.

Source: Zillow

A reupholstered blue couch stands out in the all-white room.

Keeping with the Spanish Revival-style, Soria chose to keep the walls white and relied on furnishings and art to bring in color.

He bought a sofa in North Hollywood and had it reupholstered in a cushy blue velvet. The new color emphasized the sofa’s beautiful lines and brought a freshness to the space.

“I love how rich the color is and how it brings such vibrancy to the room,” Soria said.

Source: Orlando Soria and Bethany Nauert for Homepolish.

Statement art makes the room.

The biggest challenge of the space was finding a statement piece of art for the clients. “They love art and have serious opinions about it,” said Soria. “They weren’t ready to just buy something to fit the space.”

His response? A do-it-yourself tactic.

Soria found a vintage landscape and painted over half of it, creating a semi-abstract piece that would work as a filler until the clients could find their own perfect art.

Unexpectedly, the piece grew on them and they ended up keeping the artwork. “It’s become a conversation piece,” said Soria. “They don’t want to get rid of it.”

Source: Orlando Soria and Bethany Nauert for Homepolish.

An ottoman gets new life when covered by emerald green velvet.

The room is grand in scale, with a stunning Spanish-style fireplace, but Soria says the most commented piece is the green velvet ottoman. He found the original at a thrift shop and had it reupholstered.

“It’s important to mix distinctive pieces like [the ottoman] with others that are a bit more classic and traditional so the space is grounded, while having character,” he explained.

Source: Orlando Soria and Bethany Nauert for Homepolish.

A mixture of collected items — some thrifted and some new — fill the shelves.

Soria's tips? Scour thrift shops and flea markets to find interesting things; then add new contemporary pieces into the mix so the space feels current — not like an antique shop.

Source: Orlando Soria and Bethany Nauert for Homepolish.

A little alcove off the living room continues the neutral design with pops of blue.

Any successful design is a result of a lot of back and forth between a designer and their clients, Soria says.

“Composing a space is like any creative endeavor — it requires some brainstorming,” he said.

Source: Orlando Soria and Bethany Nauert for Homepolish.

A fully-stocked bar cart can be wheeled from room to room.

Whether you have a designer or not, seek out others to bounce ideas off and help you articulate exactly what you want.

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Source: Orlando Soria and Bethany Nauert for Homepolish.


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