Man's Best Friend Gets A Food Truck

<b class="credit">Kristen Felicetti</b>
Kristen Felicetti

Food trucks are today's hottest food trend, offering every type of cuisine imaginable to people of all ages. So why should dogs be left out of the fun? This summer, Milo's Kitchen Treat Truck brought the food truck craze to dogs across America, with stops including Los Angeles, Detroit, Phoenix, and Minneapolis.

At the tour's last stop in September at New York City's Pier 26, the largest Alaskan malamute mingled with the tiniest Chihuahua, as they both waited for samples of chicken meatballs or beef sausage slices. A food truck for dogs was already unique, but Milo's Kitchen also created a whole experience for pets. At the "lapdog lounge," dogs were encouraged to relax on tiny beds, drink from bowls, and play with toys, all on an AstroTurf backyard setting. There was also a "doggie selfie" station, a photo booth where dogs and their owners could perfect a pose.