Washington's Top Pot Companies Recruit At Seattle Job Fair

marijuana jobs David Rheins
K Acosta PhotosDavid Rheins at the recent MJBA Job Fair in Seattle.
Washington's legal marijuana market is heating up. In the first two months of operation, the Evergreen State has generated more than 14 million in recreational marijuana sales, which resulted in more than $3 million in new tax revenues -- all that with only a handful of legal pot shops open. Every week the Washington Liquor Control Board issues more recreational licenses for legal growers, producers and processors of pot, and as that production ramps up so does the demand for a wide range of professional services.

The Green Rush is on -- cannabis employers are now focusing on hiring and so the Marijuana Business Association hosted a Job Fair to put would-be workers in weed together with new high-paying jobs.

The MJBA Job Fair happened Saturday at the Red Lion Hotel in Bellevue, WA, and was presented by online job board Weedhire.com, and sponsored by a host of leading canna-employers. AOL Jobs talked to some of them to find out what kind of jobs are being created in this new legal industry, and what kinds of experience and training will best prepare job seekers for an exciting new career in the cannabis trade.

Marco Hoffman,
President, Evergreen Herbal

Marco Hoffman is a successful entrepreneur out of California where he co-founded the Venice Cookie Company. He is modeling his smaller Washington operation after best practices learned at VCC. Evergreen Herbal has quickly established itself, and its 4.20 and infused-Quencher lines - at the top of Washington's most successful medibles category.

EH is hiring both Inside Sales and Outside Sales executives to manage their rapid retail sales to medical marijuana and, soon, recreational channels. The company is also looking for a full-time bookkeeper at ($28,000-$35,000 DOE) to keep the accounts, as well as a staff of chocolatiers, starting at $12/hour.

A.C. Braddock
CEO, Eden Labs

Eden Labs is a leading manufacturer of extraction technology, the innovator of the Hi-Flo Co2 system, the "Coldfinger" distillation systems and a multitude of protocols for the processing of botanicals. The company, which has deep roots in the food, tobacco and coffee industries, has grown quickly in response to the tremendous growth of the cannabis concentrates market. A.C. is a founding member of Women of Weed, Marijuana Business Association, NCIA and the MJBA Women's Alliance.

Eden Labs does not micro-manage" A.C. tells AOL Jobs. "Employees must be able to work unsupervised, and will be expected to be responsible in achieving designated deadlines and improving the job role as needed." Like many in the dynamic new industry, Braddock emphasizes the importance of being a team player with excellent communication skills.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved with a new industry and with a company that is formulating technology for it," the Eden Labs CEO tells AOL Jobs. "Eden's structure is a modern structure that is not hierarchal but lateral and transparent between departments which means each team member's natural strengths and potential would be utilized and supported by their team and the company. Eden services multiple industries as well, so they would be involved in understanding how companies develop markets and service them."

Being a business pioneer in an emerging market requires flexibilty, and a tolerance for a bit of chaos. "The atmosphere is creative at Eden Labs," said Braddock, "sometimes chaotic, but with lots of camaraderie."

Eden Labs is hiring for Co2 System Fabricator ($36K-@$42K), Sales Manger ($35K+), Reception, and Sales Rep (salary+ commission) and Sales Support roles beginning at $29K, DOE.

Andrew Pickett
Co-founder, Viridian Sciences

Based on the banks of the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA, Viridian Sciences is a leading player in the software and technology that licensed marijuana businesses rely upon to manage their complex enterprises. With 12 full-time employees the company was at the Job Fair recruiting for a software developer, implementation consultant, and support consultant. Viridian Sciences offers new employees salaries in the $36K-$45K range, post-certification, depending on experience.

"We are looking for candidates with a motivated demeanor, strong work ethic, and a passion for the industry," Pickett told us. "Our best employee is a traditional doer, with an enthusiasm for high-tech and the ability to be a team player."

A true ERP software solution for the cannabis industry, Viridian Sciences is developing technology solutions that anticipate a global market. "We have a presence in numerous countries, and have the potential to grow exponentially," Pickett said. "Considering our exclusive global partnership with world-renowned SAP, our company is in an extraordinarily great position to capture this market in its earliest stages."

The company is committed to offering a competitive salary package. "This is a true startup company," Pickett notes, "It is a very fun, but hard-working culture with unlimited room for growth within the company." First pay raise based on SAP Business One certification. Stock options given to all employees.

Kerri Accardi,
President/Founder, 420MEDIA

Dedicated to elevating the quality and sensibility of MJ brands, 420MEDIA is a visually-driven media company that has created campaigns for Delta9, Seattle Hempfest, and MJBA. 420MEDIA came to the MJBA Job Fair in search of freelance and project workers, including Cinematographers, Editors, Website Developers, Project Managers, and Social Media Marketers. "We want Superstars!" Accardi enthuses, "We want professionals who are talented, smart and proactive."

The New York transplant comes to the cannabis industry as a patient advocate first, and looks to align with other passionate, hard-working, creative spirits who are "creating history, facilitating change, education, and business growth while setting standards in the cannabis industry."

Daniel Sullivan
Vice President Sales & Training, Blue Line Protection Group, Inc.

With approximately 65 employees, Blue Line is one of the largest employers at the MJBA Job Fair. It makes sense, the Colorado-based company provides much needed security and transportation services to a cash-heavy business. Blue Line is looking for Armed and Unarmed Security Operators, Secured Transportation Operators, Sales Associates, and Compliance Investigators."

"We're looking for employees who have a positive attitude, are self-motivated and hardworking," Dan Sullivan told AOL Jobs. "We want to improve and expand their skillsets. Ideally, candidates should enjoy working with diverse customers and clients."

Playing in a very competitive field, Blue Line Protection Group, Inc. strives to be the premier security, protection and compliance provider to the legal cannabis and other high-value asset industries. "We're comprised primarily of former law enforcement and military personnel, and we're dedicated primarily to the safety of the general public," Sullivan explained, "We offer a challenging and rewarding work atmosphere, and we reward employees who can provide superior service to our clients independently, as well as in a team environment."

These are just a few of more than two-dozen hiring companies represented at Saturday's Job Fair in Seattle. Among them, security and technology provider CIPS, staffing agencies Green Staffing Solutions, Viridian Staffing and MS. Mary Staffing, I-502 retailers Mary J's Pot Shop, Cannabis City and The Happy Crop Shoppe, consulting companies GrassHopper and RMMC, as well as a number of professional trade associations: Cause-M, Washington NORML, NORML Women's Alliance and the UFCW.
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