Game of the Day: Vegas World - Horns and Halos Update!

You'll have a Devil of a time in today's Game of the Day, even if you are an Angel!

It's time to put to put the "sin" in "Sin City" with the latest update for Vegas World! The hit casino game on has just come out with a fantastic new slots game, Horns and Halos. If you're a big fan of Vegas World, head on over and set those reels spinning! If not, now's time to find out if you're Heavenly or Horny, and see if you get lucky!

After you've checked out the new slots, be sure to stick around to hang out in the hot tub, dance club, pool, and virtual hotels of Vegas World. Meet new players, and take them on in other casino games! It's all included in the Vegas World experience!

Click here to play Vegas World!

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