5 Tips to staying alive in Destiny!

What I learned from playing a Warlock in Destiny is that I'm paper thin, and until I level up and get armor, it's best I say away from enemy fire. Enter the Crucible, Destiny's multiplayer mode where live fire against your fellow guardians threatens your ever declining KDA ratio and you're skills are tested to the utmost limits.

Prima Games spent some time in the Crucible, and while it hasn't always gone as smoothly as they would have liked, they kept grinding away to try and wrap our heads around this unique experience. The results of those efforts are five tips that will help anyone who struggles with the PvP side of Destiny.

1. Learn the Maps

This tip isn't specific to Destiny, but it should serve as a reminder to new players that until they learn the ins and outs of each map, they're going to struggle. The biggest factor in who does well and who lands at the bottom of the scoreboard in player-versus-player is map knowledge. Not just knowing the ins and outs of each environment (although that is key), but also observing player tendencies over time to predict the most likely path they will take. If there are two doors to a room, and experience tells the player that 95 percent of the time opponents come through the door on the left, they should play the odds and focus their attention on that entrance.

2. Strength in Numbers

Having good and reliable teammates is always a benefit, but in Destiny, the time-to-kill (TTK) makes it an absolute must. Where in most first-person shooters players can drop an enemy in just a few shots, Destiny requires several. This formula makes it very difficult for even one skilled player to take down two unskilled players. For this reason, players should try to play the Crucible with a friend that he or she can communicate with. They should stick together and work as a team. If they come across two enemy players... may the best duo win. If they come across a lone wolf, however, the only uncertainty will be which one of them gets the kill.

3. Understanding the Radar

We already covered a bit of the preparation that goes into being successful in the Crucible, and now we're going to discuss the radar.

The radar in Destiny will show all players at all times who are within a certain range, with a few minor exceptions. What players need to know first is that if someone is within range, he or she will show up via a bright red indicator that points in the direction they are located. If that player is crouched, they may disappear from the radar briefly, but they will pop back up every five seconds. If the enemy is either above or below, the indicator won't be bright red, but rather somewhat faded. The main thing to remember here is that players will almost always see their enemy on the radar before they have line of sight, and their enemy will see them as well. Who wins depends on who uses this information wisely.

Using the radar effectively is the difference between winning and losing gun battles, and players must train themselves to constantly check it for threats. If they see someone moving from the right to the center, and there just happens to be a door in front of them, a pre-fire might be in order to surprise that foe. If they see a threat on the radar that suddenly disappears, either that player is dead, or he or she entered the crouched position. In this case, Guardians should wait five seconds. If their opponent doesn't show up again, that means they're dead. If they do show up again, they might be camping. Take this information and plan an effective attack.

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