Deciding on a Faction in Destiny is easier with these tips!

If you're still new to Destiny, the story is set seven hundred years into the future in a post-apocalyptic world on the brink of human extinction. The plot revolves around a period of time after an event know as "The Collapse" where various human colonies through space were obliterated and the only surviving humans left are on an alien-colonized earth.

Like any war-torn world, various governing bodies and radical groups are bound to form. In the Destiny-universe, these are known as Fractions.

Upon reaching level 20, Guardians will have to decide which of the three Factions to join, or if they want to join any at all. It's a game changing decision, and given its weight, Prima Games felt an in-depth explanation was in order. After all, we wouldn't want you running with the wrong crowd.

What are Factions in Destiny?

The three Factions unlocked at level 20 are groups within the Destiny universe that share different ideals and provide players with certain Weapons and Armor to assist them on their travels. The benefits change from one Faction to the next, so selecting the one that best suits your play style is essential. For example, each Faction specializes in two of the three attributes found in the game (Intellect, Discipline and Strength), so going with the Faction that compliments your Guardian is key. The good news is, nothing is forever. If gamers make a bad choice, they'll be able to switch things up and go in a new direction.

What are the three Factions in Destiny?

Future War Cult - This group uses FWC for short, and operates on the belief that another war with The Darkness cannot be avoided. They are known for their vast military strength and believe in being ready to fight at any given time. In the Tower, the FCW is represented by Lakshmi-2, a vendor who will sell Weapons and Armor to Guardians, the latter specializing in Intellect and Discipline. To keep things simple, this means that Armor purchased from the Future War Cult will reduce the cool down time for both your Grenade and Super Ability. If those are two important parts of your play style, the FWC might be the right Faction for you.

Dead Orbit - The Dead Orbit would like to abandon The City, and plan to escape an already dying Earth before The Darkness returns. They've given up on the Traveler and have no faith that The City can withstand a major attack. In the Tower, they are represented by Arach Jalaal, and specialize in both Discipline and Strength, meaning that Armor Guardians purchases from them will reduce the cool down time of the Grenade and Melee abilities. This Faction doesn't provide any bonus to the Super abilities at all, and therefore might be the least popular of the three.

New Monarchy - The New Monarchy is the third Faction to choose from upon reaching level 20, and they believe in maintaining the haven and bringing back the Golden Age. This Faction has significant pull with the royal family. In the Tower, the New Monarchy is represented by Executor Hideo, who will sell Guardians Weapons, as well as Armor that contains boosts to the Intellect and Strength attributes. This means players who opt for this Faction can expect reduced cool down times for the Melee and Super abilities, although they will not receive any bonuses for their Grenade.

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