Not Too Late To Apply For Holiday Jobs: Here's Who's Hiring

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It's not too late to apply for holiday jobs. And with a record-breaking holiday hiring season now in full gear, the odds are many bad choices will have been made, says global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

"Many of the areas adding seasonal workers, including retail, food service and shipping companies, tend to have high turnover. Because these employers are adding so many workers so quickly, the odds of failed hires increases significantly. They just don't have the time to make sure the applicant is the best fit for the job. As a result, job seekers may be able to continue to find opportunities well into the holiday season," says CEO John Challenger.

We've been covering job outlook for the holiday season over the past couple of weeks--and if you're in the market for some seasonal work, things are definitely looking up. Overall, companies plan to add more than 800,000 jobs by December, with some more than doubling their workforce. That figure means that 2014 is set to be the strongest year for seasonal hiring since 1999. Two in five companies plan to make holiday hires in the retail industry alone.

As a service to jobseekers, we've collected all of the companies that have announced hiring pushes here, with key information and links to their hiring sites. We'll be updating this page as more companies gear up for the holiday rush, so keep this one in your bookmarks and check back often. Happy hunting!

1.UPS: 90,000 - 95,000 hires planned

Known by its large brown delivery trucks, United Parcel Service delivers over 15 million packages per day. The company employs approximately 350,000 in the United States; their seasonal hiring plans will nearly double their holiday workforce.

Employee Review: "The people are great, the pay is fair, and the benefits were good. Most managers really cared about their staff."*

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2. Macy's: 86,000 hires planned

Macy's is the largest department store company in the United States in terms of retail sales. Specializing in clothing, accessories, and beauty products, it currently employees about 180,000 workers in the U.S. Last year it hired 7,000 seasonal workers, making 2014's figure an increase of over 1000 percent.

Employee Review: "I worked the holiday season, the employee discount in combination with the seasonal discounts were a great perk. Everyone worked as a team. This company has a solid identity and a huge commitment to customers."*

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3. Amazon: 80,000 hires planned

Online retail giant Amazon will be hiring for temporary positions across 50 warehouses and 15 sorting centers in order to stay on top of the holiday rush. Their hiring figures mark a 14 percent jump over last year's, when they brought on 70,000 seasonal workers. However, Amazon has received criticism for its "revolving door" policy, in which temporary workers can only be hired for a maximum of 11 months.

Employee Review: "You learn as much as never before. It teaches you how to be on your toes all the times. Great work culture."*

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4. Target: 70,000 hires planned

American retailer Target operates 1,916 stores in the United States. With revenue of nearly $73 billion in 2013, it trails only Walmart in the discount retail market. Target plans to match last year's seasonal hiring figures.

Employee Review: "It's a great place to work. As a manager, I've been able to influence our store culture directly. My new boss is awesome!"*

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5. Kohl's: 67,000 hires planned

Kohl's is an American retail chain that was founded in 1946. With 1,158 stores in 49 states, it is the second-largest department store chain in the United States in terms of sales. Many of its holiday positions will be at distribution centers, although the company also plans to hire an average of 50 associates per store.

Employee Review: "Very flexible on scheduling, work around school or other jobs. Best to be full time, but you get decent hours if you prove you are capable, reliable, and a hard worker."*

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6. Walmart: 60,000 hires planned

Walmart is the largest discount retail chain in the United States. They plan to hire 10 percent more seasonal employees than they did in 2014, but will be giving priority to current workers interested in working additional hours during the holidays.

Employee Review: "Unless you're a college graduate, Wal-Mart's pay and benefits are equal if not better than most entry level jobs."*

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7.FedEx: 50,000 hires planned

FedEx is the nation's second-largest delivery service. In 2013, Forbes named it one of the 100 top companies to work for in the country; employees praise their solid benefits and work-life balance. Their hiring plans mark a 50 percent jump over last year's.

Employee Review: "Pay is not the greatest. Currently have a manager that understands work/life balance. Overall glad I am working here."*

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8. Toys "R" Us: 45,000 hires planned

Toy retailer Toys "R" Us will be hiring at store locations and distribution centers across the country. In a statement, the company said that last year, 20 percent of their seasonal hires stayed on through 2014. This year's hiring push will more than double the size of its workforce.

Employee Review: "Over all a good company with great store managers. Lots of fun getting to know the regulars and watching their kids grow."*

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9. JCPenney: 35,000 hires planned

Plano, Texas-based department store chain J.C. Penney's projections are in line with last year's seasonal hires. Founded in 1902, the company now operates over 1,000 stores across the U.S. On Glassdoor, employees mention a high volume of work during the holiday season, but typically solid work-life balance.

Employee Review: "The people I worked with were awesome and the associates get really close. The discount is nice too."*

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*All employee reviews sourced from Glassdoor, a free jobs and career community that offers the world an inside look at jobs and companies. Reviews may have been edited for clarity.