3 Tips to rank up fast in Destiny!

Many players are still holding their tongues and feeling out Destiny before making a formal opinion about the $500 million dollar game. One thing everyone can agree upon is that leveling up in Destiny is a grind. So what exactly is the best way to level up and gain XP? Prima Games is here to help you figure that out with three tips to help you rank up fast!

1. Visit the Bounty Tracker

One of the fastest ways to level up your character in Destiny is to visit the Bounty Tracker found at the Tower Watch. The Bounty Tracker's name is Xander 99-40, and is a robot that will give you 14 different bounties to choose from, seven for the Destiny universe itself, and another seven for the Crucible.

Because Guardians can only accept five bounties at one time, try to start with ones that are very easy to finish, such as completing six Patrol missions on Earth, or even completing a Strike without dying. The Patrol missions should only take you about 15 minutes, and are made even easier if you have a friend with you. For the Strike, any difficulty setting will do, so complete it on one of the easier difficulty settings and just power through. You won't always have those two specific bounties available to choose from, but if you do, those are two bounties completed in about 20 minutes of game time. Not bad.

Crucible bounties also give off a decent amount of experience, and normally don't require you to win the game in order to complete them. They could range from playing five rounds of a particular game mode or even killing other Guardians with a specific weapon. Either way, choose options similar to your play style for the most success.

Of course, you might accept a bounty that is just a bit more difficult than you anticipated, and you don't want it to consume one of your five available slots. In this case, put your cursor over the bounty you want to opt out of and choose to dismiss it. Now you can return to the Bounty Hunter and get something more your style.

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2. Hit the Crucible and Play the Objective

Starting out in the Crucible can be an intimidating time for a Guardian, but if you're looking to power through the early levels of Destiny, it's one of the fastest ways to reach Level 20. It works even better if you combine this tip with our last one and load up on some Crucible bounties before you begin.

Once you're playing, try game modes that offer objective based competition, such as Control. This is a mode that most players will recognize as Domination from Call of Duty, or Conquest from Battlefield. Sure, you'll get points for kills, but you'll get even more points if you play the objective, and you'll certainly have more than your fair share of opportunities to engage opposition Guardians in the process. As an added bonus, the Crucible is known to provide players with some excellent drops at a round's end.

3. Find Some Friends and Up the Difficulty

Our final tip is the most common way to increase your level in Destiny, but it's also one that will test your skills as a Guardian. The point here is to find two of your friends who are decently ranked, then jump into a Strike and jack up the difficulty. You might not be able to do a lot of damage given your low level, but if your friends are somewhat higher, they can do all the heavy lifting, but at the end of the round share the experience with you.

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