The 10 Best Characters in Disney Infinity 2.0

If you or your youngin' if playing Disney Infinity 2.0, which is out tomorrow, chances are you already have a character in mind. If you do, you should know how your chosen one stacks up against the rest. If you don't, the Prima Games is here to help you out with a list of the Top 10 Characters in Disney Infinity 2.0! Whatever you choose, we know this game is sure to be super!

10. Iron Fist

One of Spider-Man's best allies in his separate play set, Iron Fist utilizes several powers while defending New York City. He delivers special Chi-powered attacks, like the running State strike and Kick; he can burst into flame with his Block Breaker Combo; and he can summon incredible strength through his charging Shou-Lou the Undying. He's perfect for pushing back the web head's enemies.

9. Black Widow

Even though she sounds different from Scarlett Johannsen's character in the movies, make no mistake – Black Widow is lethal. Her Widow's Sting can easily incapacitate even the largest foe; the Double Trouble pistols are perfect when it comes to firepower; the Widow's Veil provides a defensive technique with temporary invisibility; and she matches Iron Man any day with her Jumping Spider ground pound. On top of that, get her on a motorcycle and she'll tear through the city with ease.

8. Thor

By the hammer of...well, you know. Thor brings Asgardian justice to any level of the game, using his mighty hammer Mjolnir for an upward charging Heavy Hammer attack; firing a direct Lightning Charge or a larger-range Lightning Strike with a quick call to the sky; and taking flight with a few swings, enabling fast movement from mission to mission. It's hammer time!

7. Spider-Man

You know the drill – he does whatever a spider can. With his web-slinging ability, Spidey not only knows how to get around the city in a hurry, he also unleashes projectiles and grabbing attacks on his enemies – even airborne opponents. He's also quick, making him quite useful when it comes to dodging certain foes that may try to get the jump on him.

6. Groot

He is Groot! This member of the Guardians of the Galaxy is ideal for close range attacks, such as his Bark and Bite uppercut, his downward-digging Root For Groot strikes (which cause limbs to grow out of the ground and attack enemies), his combo that involves swinging large flaming fists (while saying, of course, "I am Groot!") and his ability to extend his limbs with a special Branching Out technique. He may not have much in the way of projectiles, but that's what number five is for.

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