10 Coolest console bundles of all time!

The only thing that makes the release of a new game or a new console even more exciting, is when they come out together in one awesome bundle! Join Prima Games as they take a look back at the 20 best video game bundles of all time, from the old-school Atari days to the latest next-gen releases!

10. The SNES Mario Bundle (Super Nintendo)

When the SNES initially launched in the early 90s, Nintendo opted to include the system's debut title, Super Mario World in the box, along with two controllers. The move paid off, as the package sold magnificently through the holiday season, and paved the way for Nintendo's entry into the 16-bit market. Take that, Sega Genesis!

9. PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle (PlayStation 4)

The PlayStation 4 is a great value for $399, but Sony took it the extra mile just a couple of weeks ago with the introduction of a special bundle featuring Destiny, as well as an all-white console and matching DualShock 4 controller. It became a hot seller, and even made a few people switch up from their current models to the new one – data transfer and all.

8. The NES Power Bundle (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Earlier in the countdown, we mentioned the Deluxe Edition of the NES that featured R.O.B. the Robot and a copy of Gyromite. Many thought this would be the coolest NES bundle ever, but they were proven wrong, as the Power Bundle came with everything a gamer needed – a Power Pad, controller, NES Zapper and THREE games, including Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. Clearly this was a winning package for all.

7. Kinect Star Wars Bundle (Xbox 360)

The Kinect Star Wars experience left a bad taste in a few mouths, particularly with the inclusion of a dance mini-game. Regardless, the bundle was still a collectible item, featuring a white Kinect device, an R2-D2 designed console with beeping sounds, a C-3PO controller and a copy of the game. The Force was strong with this one.

6. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle (Xbox One)

Technically this bundle isn't available yet, as it's scheduled to hit market on November 4th. Still, look at it. It's a beauty, packing a 1 TB hard drive (the biggest to date for the Xbox One), along with a slickly designed console and controller. Oh, and there's a copy of Advanced Warfare in the box. It's $499 – originally what the Xbox One sold for – so it has significant value. Pre-order while you can.

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