Video Game Creepypasta: Mario 128

If you've never heard of Super Mario 128, it was a game demo shown off at Space World 2000 meant to explore the power of the Gamecube. Although originally intended to become a sequel to Super Mario 64, the game eventually turned into Pikmin.... or so they say....

This is where the Creepypasta begins. Apparently right after the release of the Wii, a prototype of Super Mario 128 was available to play online and on the Wii homebrew channel. According to an unknown source who goes by the alias KI Simpson, the game was clearly still in early Beta. This is his account of the playthrough:

The title screen was nothing but white text saying "Super Mario 128" against a black background. After the title screen, the game started. Bowser's laugh from Super Mario 64 looped in the background while a plain text box displayed this dialogue:

I have taken Princess Peach and she will not live to see the sun rise tomorrow unless you take her place. You know what to do and where to go. Do not try to stop me unless you want to hasten her death.

The game certainly was going for a darker tone. The first thing I noticed was Mario's character model. His body was as detailed as in Super Mario Galaxy, but his head was taken from his SM64 character model. Obviously his design wasn't finished yet. The setting was a sky level. There were some simple platforms floating in the air. The rest of the area was just blue sky with several clouds scrolling in the background. The clouds seemed more realistic than the usual cartoony puffs in Mario games. They were quite graphically impressive.

There was no music or full voice samples from Mario, but there were sound effects and grunts when he jumped. Mario didn't jump as high as he usually did and had little control over his movement in the air. As I went through the level, I noticed the graphics gradually changing. The sky became more and more cloudy until it was entirely composed of clouds, and the cloud background gradually turned to a dark gray.

I reached a small platform with a Toad on it. When I landed on his platform, dialogue appeared.

We don't want you any more, Mario. You don't belong here. Just give Bowser what he wants. Die.

After the text box went away, I no longer had control of Mario. Mario just stood there for a while, then turned around and walked off the platform. His body seemed to go limp as he fell. Eventually, it was revealed that there was a realistic, modern city under the sky. The buildings looked neglected, but there were people on the street. The large buildings of the city didn't appear to be interactive, so I just kept walking down the street for a while. Eventually, I found a small house that seemed out of place among the larger buildings. A title appeared: House of Torn Memories

At this point in the story I'm going to start paraphrasing because it just goes on forever (click here to read the entire original story if you desire). According to KI Simpson, After entering the house he finds his way to the basement where he discovers two skeletons and some other weird stuff like a broken TV and a dirty couch when all of the sudden Bowser crashes through the ceiling and says this:

You've kept me waiting long enough, Mario. I will taste flesh soon. Will you finally surrender, or does Peach have to die?

Well if thats not a disturbing ruination of your favorite childhood characters, I don't know what is. At this point Bowser stabs Mario with one of his extra long claws and proceeds to bite his head off. The screen fades to black and Mario wakes up in the next level "Mario's Eternal Home."

On this level, KI Simpson finds himself suspended in mid air without any apparent direction to go in until a light and obect appears. As he heads towards the light, there are the sounds of crys, and voices telling Mario he is worthless. As he nears the object (which take a long time) he realizes it's a Tombstone that reads: Innocence.

Yep. The death of my innocence that's for sure! What do you guys think of this Creepypasta? Real? Fake? Somehow I don't believe Miyamoto would have the heart to make something like this, but maybe Nintendo does have some dirty secrets..... Nah!

Here Yuriofwind explains the whole truth about "Mario 128," and nothing but the truth:

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