The Week That Was (9/15 - 9/19)

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This past week, companies announced that they plan to add more than 800,000 seasonal jobs in the final three months of the year, marking the largest-scale holiday hiring since 1999. Read the full story below, along with other top picks for this past week's news, advice, and features--including an in-depth look at the inner working of a pipe organ manufacturer that's been going for well over a century.

1. Office Bullying Is Harming Workers Across All Demographics
2. Handling That Dreaded Interview Question
3. Holiday Hiring Roundup: Companies to Add More Than 800,000 Jobs By December
4. Should We Have a Meeting?
5. Ask Jack: Interview Blues, Freelance Rates, and Job of the Week
6. Pulling Out the Stops at Hartford's Austin Organs
7. United Offers Flight Attendants Up To $100K To Stay Grounded
8. Help! I've Been Harassed At Work Since I Announced My Pregnancy
9. Are You Cut Out To Own Your Own Business?
10. Life After College: What I Learned on The 2-Year Road To My First Real Job