The coolest console bundles of all time, 20-11

Join Prima Games as they take a look back at the 20 best video game bundles of all time, from the old-school Atari days to modern times.

20. Sega Saturn 3-Pack (Sega Saturn)

When it initially launched, the Sega Saturn didn't have any games inside the box – but Sega quickly wised up by gifting its avid audience with a three-pack. This trio of titles included the racing game Daytona USA, the light-gun shooter Virtua Cop 2 and the awesome fighting game Virtua Fighter 2. It certainly increased the system's value, even though it never toppled the mighty PlayStation.

19. Wii Mini (Nintendo Wii)

While the thought of buying a Nintendo Wii without online compatibility or eShop access may not suit everyone's tastes, the funky red and black redesign was too hard for some to resist. In addition, the big N threw in a copy of its best-selling Mario Kart Wii, which despite a lack of online play, turned out to be a good move on its part.

18. The NES Deluxe Bundle (Nintendo Entertainment System)

When the NES initially launched, it came with a quirky little bonus in the box – the R.O.B. Robot, which played along with you as you opened and closed pipes in the included game, Gyromite. It's more of a novelty now than a worthwhile peripheral, but there's no doubt that R.O.B. worked its way into many gamers' hearts.

17. Sega Sports Game Gear Bundle (Game Gear)

At a time when it sought to gain a bigger audience to compete with Nintendo's Game Boy, Sega opted to include two bonus games with its portable Game Gear system. It turned out to be a smart move, including both a traditional action game with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and a sports title with The Majors Pro Baseball. On top of that, the carrying case proved valuable to hold everyone's games and peripherals.

16. The Legend of Zelda Wii U Bundle (Nintendo Wii U)

The original Wii U bundle left a lot to be desired, mainly because not everyone could get into the included Nintendo Land game. However, Nintendo sweetened the deal a year later with a specially designed The Legend of Zelda system, as well as a digital copy of Wind Waker HD and a chronology of downloadable Zelda history. All for the same price of $300

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