Vacuum Seal These Items to Save -- Savings Experiment

Vacuum Seal to Save
Vacuum Seal to Save

Meat, fish and other perishables you put in your fridge don't have a very long shelf life the way they're packaged. That's why you could be saving thousands of dollars a year just by vacuum sealing your food.

Vacuum-sealing helps keeps flavor in and bacteria out, so you can store your food up to five to six times longer. For example, fish generally lasts four months in the freezer, but when vacuum-sealed, it will last two years.

Meat will typically stay good for five months, but it will last up to three years if you use the vacuum sealer. That's five to six times longer than regular old freezer bags.

And it doesn't stop in your freezer. Vacuum sealing works on foods that you keep in your fridge, as well. Lettuce, for instance, gets soggy pretty fast. That's why so much of it is thrown out and not used. However, when it's sealed it can last for two to three weeks. Meanwhile, cheese can last for up to eight months.

So, if you're looking for a way to save money, vacuum seal these items and keep your food, and your budget, from going bad.