Final Fantasy XV: a road trip with dinosaurs!

So far Final Fantasy XV has been in the making for nearly nine years. The game originally debuted at E3 2006 as a PS3 exclusive under the title Final Fantasy Versus 13. Since then the game has gone through platform changes, major reworks, and a has even been given a new title. All these things have lead up to this very moment:

Just this week at Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix released an official gameplay trailer!

From what we can see this game is going to be unlike any previous member of the Final Fantasy franchise. Most noticeably, the game has CARS. To see a Final Fantasy game set in the modern world is something fans have wanted for awhile. The battle system has also shifted from turn-based to hack and slash. It will be interesting to see whether the new gameplay with engage new fans and how long-time RPG fans will cope with the changes.

Final Fantasy XV was not playable at Tokyo Game Show this year, but despite its absence this week, the game just might make its way into the world before it reaches the 10-year anniversary of its original announcement. Can Final Fantasy XV bring the series back to the cutting edge? Click here to find out...

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