Should We Have a Meeting?

Are we announcing that someday we will begin to do something? Wait until you have something to actually do. No meeting.

Are we using the meeting for disseminating information that can be typed and emailed? Then just email it. No meeting.

Are we meeting to "touch base" on a project that has a quickly approaching deadline? No meeting, for the love of all that is good and worthwhile. Let people do their work.

Are we having a meeting to schedule time for more meetings? Those kinds of meetings cause otherwise sane people to seriously question their intrinsic value as human beings. No meeting.

Is this a coworker's birthday party? No meeting! Skip the chain restaurant-style mandatory-flair rendition of the Happy Birthday song, and just let people know where the cake is.

Is this meeting intended to foster bonding between random individuals? Only schedule it if this meeting can also be called "happy hour."

Is this meeting a passive-aggressive method of exerting petty control and or flimsy authority over others? Skip the meeting. Go to therapy.

Is this meeting scheduled for a Saturday morning? No meeting. More therapy.

Is this meeting an event where multiple people will contribute information to each other's endeavors in real time? Yes, have a meeting. But keep it short.
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