Where to find all the dead Ghosts in Destiny


The Ghost in Destiny is essentially and AI robot that keeps log of your quests and tells you where to go. But like most things, Ghosts eventually die.

As it turns out, reviving these dead Ghosts has a purpose in the game. Not only will reviving 50 of the 62 that can be found unlock the Ghost Hunter trophy and Achievement, but each revived dead Ghost will also give you a new Grimoire Card to increase your Grimoire score.

That's enough incentive for me! To help you get those achievements, Prima Games is here with all of the Dead Ghost Locations:

Dead Ghost Locations

The Tower

1. The first dead Ghost is found from the outside area of The Tower, head up the stairs that lead to the button players use to activate the fan. When you reach the top of the stairs turn right to find the Ghost laying on some boxes.

2. To find the second Ghost, head down the stairs from the location of the first, then pass into Tower North and follow the stairs all the way down until you enter an area with a large sphere shaped object. Head up another flight of stairs to find the dead Ghost.

3. The next Ghost can be found in the Hall of Guardians, which you may know as the main area of The Tower. Head in and toward the three Vanguard's standing around the large table. Just before you reach them, turn to your right and you'll find the collectible on the desk.

4. The final dead Ghost can only be found during Iron Banner events. In order to collect it, head up the stairs above the entrance to the Hall of Guardians. If the gate is open, head to the observation deck and collect the Ghost sitting on the railing.

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