3 Easy Ways to Stand Out at Work Today

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Looking to jump-start your persona at the office in a short amount of time? Simple body language and nonverbal changes will often speak volumes about your character and your work ethic.

Maintain eye contact. It might seem obvious, but retaining eye contact showcases your natural ability to stay focused and present. Too often people lose presence by shifting their attention to a PDA or smartphone as opposed to listening at a daily meeting or even within a one-on-one conversation. You'll stand out by virtue of the fact that you are one of the few employees that can remain truly present and authentic in a conversation. When you look someone in the eye it expresses confidence and helps articulate your interest in the topic. When people glance away it tells the speaker they are boring or that you don't really care about the topic.

Wear a smile. Who isn't guilty of having a resting bitch-face from time to time? Become more aware of your attitude by smiling more often. Smiling subconsciously tells people in your surroundings that you have a positive, energetic atmosphere. People notice when you're generally in a good mood and when you aren't. Whether you are in a client-facing role or a receptionist, this is a huge part of your job. You are literally the face of the company. To a client, potential investor, the CEO – you want to express your want and need to stay at the firm as opposed to seeming unhappy and scowling.

Be accountable. Be the employee who comes in early and stays late. Create a go-getter persona to enhance your career. Being known as a problem solver will make you stand ahead of the class. There will always be employees who clock in and out – heading to yoga, happy hour, a date with the couch – and these are the same people who miss the boat when it comes to promotions, raises and new opportunities. Staying an extra hour at the office won't kill your social life, but it will reflect your can-do attitude to the higher-ups who are also burning the midnight oil.
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