Video Game Creepypasta: Lavender Town Syndrome


If you're reading this right now that means you either made it out of Pokemon Red alive, or you've never been to Lavender Town.

"Lavender Town Syndrome" is rumored to have caused a string of suicides and related cases of clinical depression in children ages 9-12, after the release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan in 1996. The syndrome was said to be a result of the high frequencies in the music that plays while you are in the region of Lavender Town.

Listen for yourself [Disclaimer: this music is not nice.]

Allegedly after the Lavender-Tone incident, programmers went back into the game to change the frequency of the music. Of course this Creepypasta is probably just a fictional story designed to freak out kids and those who've played the game.

...but then again, after listening to the music myself I do feel a little sick..... how about you?