Veterinarian Performs 'High-Risk' Surgery On Goldfish To Remove Tumor

'Risky' Surgery to Remove Pet Goldfish's Tumor a Success
An Australian couple who have a special attachment to their 39 goldfish were not ready to flush 10-year-old George down the toilet when a growing tumor on his head was making him the target of bullying from the other fish.

Instead, Lyn Orton and Pip Joyce found Tristan Rich, a veterinarian at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne. For $200, the veterinarian successfully conducted a "high-risk" operation to remove the tumor.

The hospital described the 45-minute operation on its Facebook page. It's not the first time Rich has operated on a goldfish, he told Australia's 3AW radio.

Once the fish was knocked out, a tube in its mouth pumped water filled with anesthetic to keep George sedated. The tumor was removed and a sponge used to help control bleeding. Then four rows of stitches and tissue glue sealed the wound.

In the recovery room, George received oxygen, pain relief injections and antibiotics, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The procedure "was so impressive, everyone was just amazed," Orton told told the Herald Sun,. "Now he could live for another ten, maybe 20 years," she added. The fish, she said, "are not just things in the water ... they're characters."

As this video depicts, George came through the surgery just swimmingly.

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