Tips for NHL 15 Online

Although NHL 15 doesn't have as many game modes as a few of the other sports games coming out this year, it does have a really cool game mode that pits two similarly skilled players against each other, one on one. Well you can only hope you and the other guy are on the same level. Otherwise prepare for a smackdown!

Just in case you're not so lucky, Prima Games is here with a few beginners tips to get you started with NHL 15 Online.

5. Maintain Puck Possession

This probably won't come as a shock, but the team that controls the puck for the majority of the game tends to win. It's not an exact science, but it's close enough that you'll want to play the odds and make sure you hang on to that frozen piece of rubber as much as possible. Don't always feel the need to try and skate past or deke by three defenders. If you don't see something you like, circle back into the neutral zone or your own zone and regroup. It's better that you do nothing with the puck, rather than turn it over trying to force a play that isn't there.

4. Safe + Responsible Passes

It's one thing to try a cross-crease pass (more on that in a moment) two feet from your opposition's net, but it's another thing entirely to try it in the neutral zone or in front of your own goal. Building on what we spoke about in our last tip, maintain puck possession by making safe and responsible passes. Don't try to force the puck to a player that is well covered. Instead, pass the puck to someone who is open and can skate with it. It may seem rather tedious to keep-away, but chances are your opponent will soon make a mistake, and that's when you'll pounce.

3. Cross-Crease Passes + One-Timers

If you watch a real NHL game, you'll see cross-crease passes used as a primary way to score goals, and NHL 15 is no different. Now that you've made smart passes and maintained possession of the puck, it's time to look for an opening. Whether it's off the rush, from behind the net or out of the corner, keep your eyes peeled for a teammate on the opposite side of the opposing team's goal. If it looks like you can thread the needle, make the pass and load up on the one-timer. If you do this enough you're bound to put one or two pucks behind the other team's goalie. Some may look at this play as cheap given its effectiveness, but in reality this is a play used by the best in the world, so anyone who complains about you using it is just butt hurt.

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