Mortal Kombat's Cheapest Characters


In every game there is always at least one overpowered character that for some reason or another is just either really easy to play-- or really hard to beat. In fighting games the "cheap" characters become well known right away. Example: Christie Monteiro from the Tekken series was so cheap you could probably win blindfolded-- without knowing any combos-- by button mashing. Break dance fighting.... FTW

Anyway, Prima Games has come up with a list of the 20 cheapest characters in the history of Mortal Kombat. These are the characters that your scrubby friend could still beat you with even though you definitely have more XP.

Raiden (MK1)

Raiden is a God. Why is a God allowed to compete in a tournament with mere mortals? OK, so half the roster isn't mortal, but you get the point. You don't see Kano summoning lightning to shoot at his opponent or using a move commonly referred to as "Superman." Don't even get started on Raiden's corner pressure in MK1. At the right height he could land multiple jump punches in a row and there was nothing the opponent could do about it. Remember the damage of a jump punch in MK1? Well if you don't, let us jog your memory by saying it didn't take many to finish a round.

Johnny Cage (MK1)

Are we all in agreement that the MK1 version of Johnny Cage was the most lethal? If not, allow us to explain. If Cage blocked a sweep, free Shadow Kick. If Cage got you in the corner, he could land multiple jump punches just like Raiden. He also had one of the fastest sweeps in the game, and the best uppercut in the history of the franchise. If you thought you could use a jump-in attack on Cage, you were quickly corrected on the matter. Let's not forget he punched you in the nuts, and there was a glitch that allowed him to add insult to injury by knocking off way more than one head for his fatality.

Sub-Zero (Multiple)

No one liked the unmasked MK3 version of Sub-Zero with the funky scar and weird raining ice techniques, but other than that crazy dude, Sub-Zero was a pain in the behind. Did you block that jump-in attack? I'm sorry, I'm going to freeze the ground now. Did you want to get near me at all? Sorry again, the ground right in front of me is frozen. Did you think trading projectiles was a good idea? Yeah, no... Sub-Zero froze you and usually let him get a free hit (if not a full combo) before you could block again. Let's not forget that he had the coolest fatality by ripping off your head with the spinal cord still attached.

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