Video Game Creepypasta: Squall is Dead

Its no secret that Final Fantasy games (and JRPGs in general) typically have complicated and sometimes non-sensical plots-- sometimes so complicated that you as the player are forced to explain the story to yourself. Because of this many theories are coined and some of them are more convincing than others. Today we're talking about possibly the most convincing of all-- Squall is Dead.

The plot of Final Fantasy 8 revolves around Squall Leonhart, a mercenary on a mission to defeat the evil Sorceress Edea. At the end of disc one, Squall and his friends face Edea on a parade float in Deling City. After the fight, when Edea seems defeated, she conjures an enormous ice shard and propels it through Squall's chest. This should have killed him right?

Wrong. He wakes up without a scratch in a dessert prison. How is this possible? Well, the Squall is Dead Theory speculates that Squall actually died by Edea's ice shard at the end of disc one and everything that occurs after that point is actually a dream.

According to the official website,The "dream" is basically an extension of the "your life flashes before your eyes" concept. The entire dream takes only a matter of seconds, but for Squall is passes in real time. For Squall, it's about the endless possibilities he could have seen realized. Squall explores the questions that were raised on the first disc but he was not able to answer in his lifetime.

There is a ton of supporting evidence that has been found throughout disc 2, but I was never more convinced than after I defeated the Final Boss, Ultemicia and she started saying some weird stuff...

"Reflect on your... Childhood..."
"Your sensation... Your words... Your emotions..."
"Time... It will not wait..."
"No matter... hard you hold on. It escapes you..."

I take this as Squall not being able to let go of his life and "move on" to the afterlife. In the video below you can watch the entire first part of the ending and see for yourself.

For the complete analysis of the Squall is Dead Theory, click here.

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