The Week That Was (September 8 - 12)

waiter serving a meal under a...

With the summer now firmly set in our rearview mirrors, we find ourselves newly dedicated to our work lives, picking up some of the slack we might've overlooked during the warmer months--not that we're pointing any fingers. This past week we covered a variety of key job skills, including pitching, marketing your personal brand, and, of course, the job hunt.

Elsewhere, don't miss our coverage of the LeSean McCoy tipping controversy--and, on a related note, a study on what your waiters are really up to when you're not paying attention.

1. How My Business Took Off When I Wrote a Book
2. Why Job Hunting May Be More Effective When Done Alone
3. The 3 Keys of a Memorable Pitch
4. Poll: LeSean McCoy's 20-Cent Tip
5. 8 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your WorkLife
6. You've Got Some Nerve! 6 Tips To Raise Your Career Confidence
7. Annual Review: The Professional Millennial's Report Card
8. Ask Jack: End Runs, Business Card Blunders & Job of the Week
9. If The Customer Calls Me Am I Violating My Noncompete?
10. What Your Waiter Is Doing Behind Your Back