Where to find all the Gold Chests in Destiny


In Destiny there are a total of 20 gold chests spread out among 4 regions: Earth, Moon, Venus, and Mars. Each planet has five gold chests that contain some form of special loot (exciting!). For your convenience, Prima Games is here with all 20 locations so you can stop wasting your time looking for the goods and get back to playing the game!

Gold Chests - Earth

1 - The Steppes to Dock 13

The first Gold Chest can be found in the story mission, Restoration. Shortly after landing on Earth, look to your right and enter the nearby building. The Gold Chest will be in the next room sitting on top of a desk. Don't expect the rest to be as easy to locate.

2 - Forgotten Shore

Your second Gold Chest can be picked up below the Terrestrial Complex at the base of the Forgotten Shore cliff. If you're exploring, you can find this one shortly after the first. Follow the river to the west and stick to the coastline.

3 - Forgotten Shore to Mothyards

To find the third Gold Chest on Earth, take that path that connects the Forgotten Shore to the Mothyards. As you're moving along, look for a cave with some water falling in front of it on your right side. You will find the chest inside.

4 - The Lunar Complex

The Second to last Gold Chest is located in the same area where you battled the Hive Wizard during The Dark Within. Jump onto some crates that are to the left and search behind them to find the chest.

5 - The Devil's Lair

This Gold Chest can be found only when you're completing the Devil's Lair Strike. You can snag it during your fight with the Sepiks Prime or for a very short time after defeating it. It's located underneath the right platform.

Gold Chests - Moon

1 - Temple of Crota

You'll find the first Gold Chest on the Moon by entering the temple and dropping down to the lowest floor. Take the door that's on your right, then follow the path into the Hive Temple. After crossing a bridge into the ship, continue out the right side and to the end of a ramp. If you look down and to your right you'll see the chest sitting on a platform.

2 - Archer's Line to Hellmouth

The next Gold Chest is found as you make your way along the route from Archer's Line to Hellmouth. You're looking for a rock formation on the left side prior to reaching a bridge. When you find it, look on the backside to locate the chest.

3 - Archer's Line to Hall of Wisdom

The third chest on the Moon is located by climbing the hill across from your starting point on Archer's Line. Make your way through the dome and take the road to the Hive Fortress. Jump down the spiral ramp to the bottom of the cave, then snag the Gold Chest from the water to the right of its entrance.

4 - The World's Grave

You can find this Gold Chest while completing The World's Grave. When you reach the final room, drop into the water and look for the chest to be tucked away along the jagged wall.

5 - Moon Strike - The Summoning Pit

The final chest on the Moon can only be obtained during the Moon Strike, The Summoning Pit. Make your way to the lower platform. You'll find the Gold Chest sitting between two staircases.

You can find all the Gold Chest locations on Venus and Mars by clicking here!