This free-to-play game is sure to be GIGANTIC!


Part shooter, part brawler, part action RPG, Gigantic is at large a 5v5 strategy game in which the team's ultimate objective is to take down the enemy team's Guardian. Kinda like capture the flag except replace the flag with a gigantic fire breathing dragon-snake beast. Oh yeah, and its FREE-TO-PLAY.

Although the game plays much like a third-person shooter, with an array of diverse Heroes to choose from, any type of gamer is sure to fit right in. From spell-casters to shooters, there is surely a character that lends to anyone's gameplay style. VP of Product Development, James Phinney, explains just what give this game its special flavor in the interview below.

Considering Gigantic is currently still in Alpha, there is no projected release date. We can only cross our fingers and hope they let us in on the Beta!