The 6 games you won't regret buying this Fall

With so many great games coming out this Fall, its going to be hard to make the right choices. How do you figure out just what games are going to be worth your investment and which ones aren't? For me there are a few questions I ask myself when picking up a new game like:

How many hours of play will get out of this game? If it's a multiplayer, will my friends play this with me? How much longevity does this game have? and most importantly... "Does it look cool?

Or you can just skip the analysis and check out USgamer's guide to choosing the best games this Fall 2014.

Bayonetta 2

Jaz: So far I've had three encounters with this game - one at last year's E3, one at this year's, and an extended period of play at a Nintendo preview event last month. I've loved every minute I've spent with the game so far: it's just as utterly mental as the last game, and it packs even crazier combos and even more ludicrous situations.

The game looks terrific, and it certainly seems like a huge amount of thought has gone into the design and set pieces. How it'll play as one full experience remains to be seen, since I've only played it in chunks, but so far Bayonetta 2 has all the ingredients for it to be one of the best Wii U games yet.

LittleBigPlanet 3

Jaz: I played this at E3, and it ended up becoming my personal game of the show, and when I played it once again just a few weeks ago - my enthusiasm remained undiminished.

LBP's leap to 1080p is nothing but a fantastic treat for the eyes, and the gameplay retains much of the fun and creativity of the first two games, but with much improved jumping. Three new characters are in, each with his, her, or its special abilities, and this makes the multiplayer co-op mode far more entertaining than before, since players now have to figure out exactly who needs to do what, and when.

I haven't played about with the creation tools yet, so that's the only area where I'm in the dark - but the rest of the game looks top-notch fun so far. I really hope it delivers.


Jeremy: Uh, is this cheating? Destiny's already out... so it's kind of a safe bet.

But really, while I can see that Destiny won't be everyone's cup of tea, it feels to me like the perfect delta between Halo, Borderlands, and Call of Duty. It's a little of all the above, but it scrapes out most of the stuff that drags each of those games down. I do worry the bestiary and designs will grow stale after a few dozen hours, but supposedly there are a bunch of other alien factions between the Hive and the Fallen to deal with. So fingers crossed, we'll see more than just Halo Online when it comes to the enemies to knock down...

Destiny looks great, and the shooting is solid. And it's fun to play with others. But then, I'm a sucker for co-op play and story-driven first-person shooters, so you could say that my being drawn to this game was dest-no, better not.

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