The 10 Most Underrated Jobs Of 2014

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By Jacquelyn Smith and Emmie Martin

Some of the highest-paying, fastest-growing, most rewarding jobs in America are underrated.


Perhaps it's because they're not the most glamorous professions or they don't seem exciting. Or maybe it's because they haven't always been associated with fat paychecks and phenomenal growth opportunities. But, if you're looking to change careers, you could be doing yourself a huge disservice by failing to consider these jobs.

To identify which professions are most underrated in the U.S., researchers analyzed BLS data and used their own judgment to determine high-paying, low-stress jobs with strong employment outlooks that are also undervalued.

"Underrated jobs often share certain traits, such as high growth potential, low stress, and the opportunity to make a difference," says Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast, in a press release. "While these jobs may not attract as much attention, they can be more fulfilling than a high-stress, high-profile career."

Most of the underrated jobs are in the STEM sector, which is consistent with widespread research showing that careers in science, engineering, technology, and math will provide healthy careers for years to come, Lee tells Business Insider. "They tend to be seen as boring and not glamorous, yet having a long-term career in a great field should be seen as pretty exciting."

CareerCast also rounded up the most overrated jobs in America, which includes attorneys, event coordinators, and surgeons. (See the complete list here.)