3 Common Ways Pets Can Damage a Home's Resale Value

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DaveyBot/FlickrThe costs of owning even the most adorable pets can add up quickly, especially if you are trying to sell your home.
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First things first: We LOVE pets. But, it's not really a secret that owning one can be expensive. Monthly bags of food, unexpected vet bills, new toys and boarding costs add up quickly -- but that's only part of the price of pet ownership. It turns out the estimated value of your home can plummet (potentially to the tune of $30,000!) when a potential buyer finds out the home was shared with a pet.

Why? Sometimes, pets stink. And they scratch. And they pee on stuff. Here are three pet-related issues to watch out for if you want to retain your home's pre-pet value:

Scratches, Scratches Everywhere: Scratches from pets aren't limited to hardwood floors – although they should definitely get some attention. Other commonly scratched spots include doors, windowsills,%VIRTUAL-pullquote-You know how they say love is blind? Pet smells work like that, too. % window screens, wall molding, cabinets, porches ... and pretty much anything else your pet can get their claws on.

Even a well-trained pet gets bored, and boredom leads to scratching, which leads to reduced home values. To fight the problem before it starts, make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise and has toys and treats to occupy their time while you're away. We recommend checking out BarkBox for a constant supply of new, awesome toys.

Or, if your pet really needs some extra supervision, look into a doggie daycare or pet-sitter while you're away. The upfront cost of daycare (about $25 a day) isn't exactly cheap, but it can help you recoup serious cash when you're ready to sell your home.

Lingering Odors: This is a biggy. An accident here, a litter box there, and your home never smells the same. And one whiff of a bad odor is really difficult to recover from when trying to sell your home.

You know how they say love is blind? Pet smells work like that, too. The issue here is that many homeowners get used to the smells associated with having a live-in pet, so it's commonly overlooked.

Don't do that! Instead, take the time to deep clean any mess that happens and use these stink-fighting tricks when an appraiser or potential buyer is visiting your home. Tip: Ask an honest friend to rate your home's stink on a scale from zero to 10. If it's anything over a 3, you may want to consider hiring a professional to handle the smell.

Ugly Yard = Bad First Impression: Let's be straightforward: Poop and pee kills grass. Dogs love to dig holes, and to some animals, plants look delicious. All of these issues can make a once well-manicured lawn look messy.

When you're selling your home, curb appeal can make or break a deal, so pay attention to your lawn. Fix issues like dead grass from a favorite pee spot immediately. We're not saying Lassie shouldn't enjoy your lawn! Just clean up after her and keep the digging to a minimum.
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