NHL 15 Starter Tips

Today NHL 15 hit stores just in time for Hockey Season. With advanced player models, real time graphics effects, and new dynamic cloth technology, players look like they're really in the game. Whether you're a returning veteran or wobbly-legged rookie, Prima Games is here with a few tips to help make a smooth transition to NHL 15.

1. Move the Puck

Puck movement and possession are huge factors in hockey. Generally, the team that possesses the puck the most and moves it effectively will win the game. This is as true in NHL 15 as it is in real life, so it's a skill you'll need to work on constantly.

When taking possession of the puck in your own zone, don't go for the low percentage pass up ice. The opposing team will frequently pick these off and go on the counter-attack. Instead, look for the open player in your zone and then take advantage of any skating room he or she has. Continue to move up ice, always making high percentage passes to gain the blue line. If you want to see this strategy in its truest form, watch a Detroit Red Wings game. The team from Hockeytown won several Stanley Cups by playing keep-away from their opponents.

2. Shoot the Puck

Now that you're playing keep-away with the opposing team, it's time to start peppering their goalie with as much rubber as possible. Focus on quality chances from the slot or the point, but in general you just want to keep cycling the puck and shooting when the opportunity presents itself. As a general rule with taking a shot on net, it's never a bad idea, but it's a great idea if you can get some of your teammates to create traffic in front. As an additional piece of advice, don't worry about blasting it. If you have traffic in front it's often easier for your teammates to deflect the puck if it floats in there.

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